Entry #1

my new website

2007-08-07 23:32:58 by silvaness

august 7, 2007

hey you all.....well ive been doing a lot of work on my web site
recently and its finally finished.nessstudioz
you can see it now. i also just posted another animation today called alqaeda.
i just did it for fun so see ya later.


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2008-01-22 04:23:21

I can't believe you think that your Jem parody is funny.

It's not. Go die.

silvaness responds:

hey thats rude...well ill make part 2 then!


2008-02-08 17:26:53

lol site.

110mb.com is the mark of someone to be taken SERIOUSLY.

silvaness responds:

lol for real


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