new animation

2008-02-16 19:54:35 by silvaness

i made a new animation based off that jem parody!
go watch...warning u may hate or love this animation. i dont care
i made it in one day...

oh...and watch out for part 2 cuz i just hate that guy.


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2008-02-16 19:56:16

1 day? lazy ass.. :l

silvaness responds:

lol that waz fast. anyways...yes i made it and it was the first parody
to be submitted so mine is the original. and part 2 will be better
when it comes out.


2008-03-01 03:25:20

your jem parody was not funny

get out

silvaness responds:

will ya stop fuckin spaming my thread!you fuckin annoyin ass u also sent me a dam rude ass message on pm. u are a jelous asshole!go to hell!


2008-04-17 22:49:20

um silvaness you're the fuck head, you spam everyone else and critisise them but you can't do shit so fuck off!